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    Ontesol.com was developed by Coventry House International, the only school in North America that offers Trinity CertTESOL courses, to provide students with the flexibility of taking an internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL course online.

    We offer a 100-hour online TESOL program, which is recognized by ACTDEC UK Level 1, and a 250-hour online TESOL program, which is recognized by TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 and ACTDEC UK Level 3.

    To see our course syllabus and to enroll, please visit us at www.ontesol.com.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected]

    7 Customer Reviews of “OnTesol”

    Review by Jordan, May 11, 2011

    This program was very well-rounded. Upon finishing the program, a person feels confident they have acquired, at the very least, the BASIC skills required to be an ESL teacher. The three modules each demonstrate the essentials, such as grammar, phonology, and methodology. The phonemes may be quite useful during future classes as, astonishingly, many educators do not seem be familiar with them.
    In my case, the methodology was quite beneficial. It gives you an idea of how to use your topic, and this helps you to create your future classes using this format. This is particularly useful for people with minimal or nonexistent teaching experience, because it shows them the basic frame they will base their classes upon.
    In my opinion, this may be one of the best online TESOL certificate programs. That it is accepted by the ACTDEC, was the main reason that I chose to go with this course in particular. The teacher was very useful too, offering lots of involved feedback on each assignment and useful commentary which I think might be very beneficial to my future course preparations.

    Review by Alex, June 17, 2011

    I had a great time using OnTESOL’s 100-hour online program. I would absolutely encourage anyone looking for online TESOL certificate programs to try OnTESOL. As I researched online TESOL courses, I discovered that there are many choices, and it was hard to choose just one. The decision was made when I found out that OnTESOL’s certificate may be the only certificate that is accredited by the UK Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses. Okay, that may not be a game changer for some people, but for me, the idea that the program is clearly legitimate made me take notice. I studied the reviews on http://www.teflcoursereview.com/ and found mostly positive feedback. I also found out more of the details of the program, that it focuses on grammar, phonology, and methodology, and offers general tips on teaching. Not only do they teach you the basics, they also teach you how to incorporate your knowledge into your classwork and teaching.
    Ultimately, my intense quest to find the finest online program was beneficial, considering I absolutely made the right decision picking OnTESOL. My instructor had a great attitude and helped me a lot. Another important thing is the clarity of the texts used in the program, they are direct and show you skills you will put to use. The section on learning made me realize that learning a skill that you can develop. The parts of the program dealing with grammar and phonology were straight forward and helpful. I’ve always prided myself on an excellent grasp of English and linguistics in general, and I didn’t really expect to gain anything new from those sections. Despite my attitude, I was happily surprised to be shown that I still had more to learn, and that OnTesol could teach me. In the methodology part of the course, it teaches you how to create full lessons and plans that blend the communicative method, showing you how to do it from bottom up. I have been around the world teaching for the past few years, and yet I learned tons of new and intriguing things about teaching the English language and teaching in general. During the course my teacher, Danielle, was always available to answer any questions or issues I had with any section. Her explanations were always clear and informative and her response time was very quick.
    From my own experience, I will absolutely encourage people to try this course, and suggest OnTESOL to any person who is searching for a great online TESOL experience.

    Review by admin, January 4, 2012

    A 100 hour course, OnTesol gave me a fantastic start to teaching methodology. It taught me a great deal about how to create and implement lesson plans, and how to form a connection with students in a realistic way. For me, the greatest part of the experience was being paired with a tutor who very present and who offered me feedback and showed me how to improve my knowledge of the work involved in being an English Language teacher. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to begin a career teaching English.

    Review by Matthew, May 2, 2012

    Despite that I have my MA in English Linguistics, I never felt that I had the qualifications to teach ESL when I was working for a Language Academy in the States. Because of my insecurity, I looked into becoming certified to teach TESOL. After searching and reading reviews, I found OnTesol and decided to go with them. All in all, the program is useful. A few months have passed since I finished the program I don’t remember the routine very well anymore. The best part of the program was by far the feedback I enjoyed from the woman who was assigned to help me through the process. Her responses to my questions and issues were very quick and her critiques were very useful. If your goal is to easily acquire a 100-hour certificate, this program, in my opinion, gets the job done. Though, you will likely not really learn until you are standing in the classroom and teaching.

    Review by Robert Gardener, May 10, 2012

    From beginning to end, from coursework to tutors, I was very pleased with the 250-hour diploma program, and so happy that I had chosen it. The program, as a whole, was smartly made by a group of educators with experience. The program’s design felt as though it flowed intelligently, and I felt that my knowledge and skills grew with the finishing of each lesson and section. The materials provided with the program were plentiful and incredibly helpful — a metaphoric treasure chest of ideas for continued research for would be teachers. My teacher was very helpful, and I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and skills during the course. She was constantly available to provide the right suggestion on how to adapt my thinking and my lesson designing. All in all, I would suggest this course to any person interested in becoming certified to teach English.

    Review by John, May 11, 2012

    The program is a quite good long distance 100 hour course. I would like for people to realize that the large volume of reviews for Ontesol is due to them nicely asking that you write a review and post it on their website. To me, this is useful for people to know before they use this website to help them choose what course to take.
    The 100 hour program is made up of 3 groupings of 60-100 page PDFs documents that you read and then perform tasks related to. The program uses no videos or other media, and the real value of the program is the tutors. My teacher never responded to one of my questions any later than within 24 hours, and even on the weekends. Their comments and suggestions were generally very useful and clear.
    Above all else, the program does offer good standards, because they don’t just give anyone the certificate. To get certified you have to pass all assignments and every module to be given the certificate. That being said, this is a fine to good distance-learning program, although, without the in-person practice, the value of the program does suffer.
    Going by typical qualifications, in general many employers don’t accept online certificates, or programs without practical experience as a part of it. This program can improve your knowledge of the TESOL system, however, it won’t give you what companies are looking for in their potential teachers. Basically, make your choice going by what your goal is. Are you using this course to deepen your knowledge of TESOL? Or are you looking to just improve your hiring qualities? If your decision is based on the latter choice, I suggest looking into different alternatives, preferably ones which offer practical experience (perhaps OnTesol’s 250-hour course?).

    Review by ON1A9D Salvatrice, May 13, 2012

    I just completed my ICAL course, and I felt compelled to declare that I have found it absolutely enlightening and I’m glad that I completed each module. I have been, as of now, a teacher of English in Italy for a few years, and I had spontaneously chosen to do something unequivocally for myself, and that was to become certified as an English primary language instructor. I decided to use ICAL because of a friend who recommended it to me. This course has encouraged me more to comprehend how I would be able to enhance myself as an educator. I have reveled in the assignments, and moreover value my mentor Sheila’s input. I likewise value the cost and the how I was able to do it in my free time, without hurrying, and that I have consistently got my revisions returned at times even before typical work days. Sheila’s remarks on my assignments have all been exceptionally valuable. I now feel more positive about my capacities as an instructor likewise as a result of her feedback. Seeing remarks for example: great, exceptional thinking, well done and others have made me feel that I’m doing the right thing.
    I thank Sheila and all ICAL personnel for the assistance I’ve been given while taking this course.
    I now completely feel like an EFL educator, and I heartily credit ICAL for that!

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