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    Global Leadership College

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    Global Leadership College is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing high quality, highly practical TESOL/TEFL courses. GLC proudly features nearly four decades of experience in the language industry. Our world-class on-site TEFL program was adapted by expert tutors to the current online version. The result is one of the best and most affordable online TEFL certification programs available. In the event that you want to further your studies after the online TESOL/TEFL course, we invite you to take our optional Teaching Practices or Teaching Business English Courses. Having these added values to your resume will really impress your employers!

    30 Customer Reviews of “Global Leadership College”

    Review by Punit, May 16, 2011

    I liked the course because it fitted my schedule and was not only simple to understand but helpful. I did not need a lot of convincing to take the course as I had seen some of my colleagues land good jobs after completing the course. I wanted a course that would allow me to learn behind my busy schedule while enabling me to improve. Straight away, I was glad to enroll as I believed Global Leadership College had all these.

    My instructor did a fantastic job; we truly enjoyed the interaction. I’m sure you will also enjoy the same if you are looking to enhance your career prospects without having to give up what you are currently doing in order to study TESOL. However, you may have some minor issues like congestion of their site especially in the period approaching the final exam as many students try to prepare for it. However, we pointed out this to them and I think they are doing something to fix the situation. You’ll have a great time learning more about the English language as well as teaching abroad.

    Review by RJ220, June 4, 2011

    I was totally amazed but the quality of the Global Leadership College course. I was fortunate enough to get a very sociable tutor who stays in touch with me, several years after I received the TESOL certification. The online TESOL course format was a pleasant experience too. Prior to beginning the course, I considered it as a strategy to bring some flexibility to my schedule as I was particularly busy at the time. However, I came to learn that it gave me a great deal of convenience as it allowed me to study this course without worrying about anything in my life. I could, therefore, study at the times I wanted and this gave me time to attend to many other things in life. Interaction with a personal tutor provided me with a better grasp of the language. I have also learnt how professionals and, particularly teachers are striving to get more certifications to enable their students to study at more favorable environments. However, the tests can have some confusing questions but proper preparations can enable you to pass the quizzes very well.

    Review by Anthony, June 19, 2011

    I studied the global leadership college online TESOL course starting March 2000. My tutor was very knowledgeable, had a lot of experience teaching international students and thus had a lot to offer. She ensured that I enjoyed every minute of the learning process. I was able to benefit from her and the course in general as now I have a TESOL certification to show to potential employers. My initial experience as a TESOL certified teacher came just a month after I had completed the course. I was well received at the school because many of teachers didn’t have a good command of the English language and hadn’t acquired any meaningful qualification. I was able to convince two teachers to undertake the GLC program, and I’m glad they are on course to gain the certification soon. Since then I was given the chance to oversee how a student based strategy works. Certainly, their course is great and has plenty of ideas, resources and potential to work overseas. One problem is that teachers might be required by some employers in certain countries to be degree holders before they are given leading roles. I have to point out that this course is more effective when supplemented with a suitable grammar certification.

    Review by Harry, June 21, 2011

    Selecting a TESOL course is always a hard choice to make, particularly when attempting to gain the qualifications that can enable you to teach out of your country. However, I tend to think that global leadership college provided me with all that I was expecting and even more. In general, the course was broad and a personal tutor was in hand to ensure I understand concepts as they arose. It gave me an opportunity to practice teaching and I developed great skills that I currently apply in the classroom situation when coaching my students. I got the chance to learn a lot from the mentor and the program in general. My tutor demonstrated a great degree of professionalism all the way. Thereafter, I was able to get a job and I’m now living comfortably with my family. If you want to take this course, however, you might have a few issues regarding the use of the site as pages can sometimes take a few minutes before they load. Apart from that, there isn’t anything else can hinder your progress towards TOSEL certification with GLC.

    Review by AM765, July 7, 2011

    I liked the course because it fitted my schedule and was not only simple to understand but helpful. I did not need a lot of convincing to take the course as I had seen some of my colleagues land good jobs after completing the course. I wanted a course that would allow me to learn behind my busy schedule while enabling me to improve. Straight away, I was glad to enroll as I believed Global Leadership College had all these.

    My instructor did a fantastic job; we truly enjoyed the interaction. I’m sure you will also enjoy the same if you are looking to enhance your career prospects without having to give up what you are currently doing in order to study TESOL. However, you may have some minor issues like congestion of their site especially in the period approaching the final exam as many students try to prepare for it. However, we pointed out this to them and I think they are doing something to fix the situation. You’ll have a great time learning more about the English language as well as teaching abroad.

    Review by Siraj, July 9, 2011

    I’m a global business expert, so I wanted to enhance my English knowledge and skills to make may experience easier when speaking to people from various parts of the world. I elected to study the TESOL course via Global Leadership College since I didn’t have the whole day to attend normal classes. I was looking for a learning platform that could allow me to go on with my commitments while at the same continuing with my studies. The instructor was also so nice that I found the course material easy to comprehend. But there were some few mistakes in their final test, which made the queries to appear a bit confusing according to me, but that was pointed out and taken care of when the certification was being awarded so students do not have to worry about missing to graduate merely because of mistakes that are not theirs. But you will get to learn a lot and get the certification that you require to take your teaching career to the next level.

    Review by Sngorita, August 5, 2011

    When I joined the global leadership college learning fraternity in the year 2008, I didn’t expect the course to be as helpful as it is to me now. I was happy to start the course with any other institution provided that it gave me an opportunity to attain the more important TESOL certification. Now I think they have surpassed my wildest dreams. Their training has made me to feel far much confident regarding my chances of getting those well-paying jobs. The course lets you to be wrong as a personal instructor is I needed to correct them and get better. I feel lucky and raring to go abroad. The institution is committed to ensure the success of their students and their methods tell it all. With global leadership college, you are provided with the chance to rediscover yourself. The material is fine but one issue I noticed is that the website can be somewhat slow some times and something needs to be done.

    Review by D sousa, August 8, 2011

    After completing the course, I was able to enhance my teaching skills and the reason why I picked Global Leadership College was because I had read a lot of positive reviews about them. Well, there were criticisms but took them with a pinch of salt because my brother had done the same course and was now doing so well pout there. He had warned me against believing a lot of bad comments regarding whatever you want to take in life because in many cases they are made by people who are disgruntled about having failed in their own work. So, they were not too serious to make someone to shy away from enrolling for his or her TOSEL certification with this trainer. The instructor assisted me to improve various areas. The TOSEL course entailed all great personalized training, convenience and a great deal of practical. Of course, the costs didn’t bother me as they were quite cheaper than other services I had come across online.

    Review by Martin, August 18, 2011

    I began taking the course sometimes in the year 2008 and had a great time overall. The quality of their teaching was remarkable. But of course, you’ll find that this will depend on the kind of mentor you have. Then again, this course might not necessarily suit the other qualifications you have. For instance, I took this program because I simply wanted to get more exposure, particularly in the world of TESOL. I was already teaching in my country and the terms were very good so I was not interested in getting another job at the time. After all, it is hard to find a job for everyone here, regardless of one’s qualifications. I didn’t need to quit the job when I finished the course a few months later. I found that their instructors were really resourceful.
    However, it is important to bear in mind that some online forums are loaded with carping individuals who didn’t enjoy the course as much as they expected and are out there trying to display their disappointments to others. There are many people who have enjoyed the course and hardly feel the need to write a review. You might find primarily negative comments about virtually anything that’s available online. Some might claim even real things are scams. But they are not really the ones to blame as people are generally extra cautious nowadays. I was warned about this by my brother who is a professional teachers and has done the TOSEL course. When we talked about that matter, he advised me to any reviews, whether positive or negative, with a pitch of salt. Now he is the principal of a great school, so I think his guidance can work for all teachers.

    Review by Sam, August 25, 2011

    I had taught for a period of eight years before undertaking the Global Leadership College course and therefore, my aim was to get the certification that would enable me to enhance my prospects as conditions of most of the job offers I was getting were generally the same. The instructor taught me quite well and they had struck a good balance between practical and theory. Also, the instructor seemed to have a lot of good training information. The final exam has one or two mistakes that I could identify though. But that was a minor issue that they also had pointed out.

    As always, I think that depends on your personal instructor as well as how you get adjust to their teaching approach. In general, this is a course that can help a teacher to gain a lot of educational knowledge and skills rather than just the subject issue. Some of the teachers I had worked closely with had poor English skills and at times, no notable qualification at all. Chances are the school didn’t pay any particular attention to someone’s CV as long as you displayed good English teaching skills but I think it doesn’t matter where one gets their papers from. But generally, the course was great, thanks to the instructor.

    Review by Yamrte, August 30, 2011

    Hi everyone, I just thought I should share my TESOL study experience.
    I did the Global Leadership College TESOL course online and attained the certificate thereafter. I stated the program after tutoring for more than five years. Generally, I didn’t expect to gain much, believing that after completing several other programs and teaching for that long, they were likely to offer nothing new to me. But I was totally wrong. It is hard to imagine the difference that exists between my lessons at the moment and until that time. I find teaching to be particularly more enjoyable now than before and majority of my stud dents perform very well in their examinations because they are able to conform to the teaching techniques that I apply. In addition, they are now more willing to communicate and take part in discussions. The task was difficult but the course instructions were incredibly effective. Honestly, I can put into practice all that I learnt and get remarkable results. It was very nice studying under the guidance of my own tutor and undertaking my studies at my own time. At last, I didn’t face any pressure to complete the given tasks at their time because everything was personalized, making the course to be very flexible. While the cost of study was quite considerable, you can bet the course was worth every penny.

    Review by Nodium, August 31, 2011

    As a person living away from the college itself, I find the TESOL online course to be a good choice for all teachers. The content of this course was ideal for my needs and I was able to learn many things pertaining teaching out of the country. I was simply attempting to improve different aspects of my English and through the help of my mentor. I was able to gain a lot of valuable lesions. The help I got from my mentor was worth the money and effort and currently I am offering similar services teaching the language in my own private setup although I’m still living away from my home country. Thanks to Global Leadership College and their tutors. Like many problem initially I found online learning quite demanding. So I hadn’t given it much thought. During the exam, however, I found an ambiguous question and wished my mentor was reachable. On the other hand, knowing the presence of any problems can enable you to look for positive, constructive support from your individual course instructor.

    Review by Wrangler, September 15, 2011

    It provided me with an opportunity to get another certificate to incorporate in my CV. Also, I was able to study outside my busy daily schedule .of all the courses I have done, I think I was able to learn a lot more through the global leadership college. It gave me an opportunity to study the material at a pace that matches my ability.
    However, I have been trying to look for a job after completing the course. I received a good response from a firm I had sent my resume to. I was happy to hear that GLC’s TOSEL certification was globally acceptable. I was really glad to hear that.

    Review by Paresh, October 6, 2011

    Having completed the Global Leadership College TESOL course, I think I should convey my wonderful experience as a way of helping other people who are considering studying the course. Initially, I was unsure whether to take a class program or an online program, leave alone which college to register with. I had made up my mind to improve my English because I was already tutoring at a small school in our state. When I was doing some research for a course and school, I bumped into the Global Leadership College online site and was impressed by the prospects of the courses they were offering. I preferred TEFL and the online platform gave me a way to study while continuing with my job at the same time.
    Again, there were many options for someone ready to study TEFL /TESOL and so I was keen to know the one that suited my options. Luckily, GLC appeared impressive and I didn’t hesitate to register with them the following month. Their instructors are willing to do everything possible to assist their TESOL hopefuls in all the aspects of their learning experience. I found my instructor being extremely helpful, knowledgeable and good at teaching the subject. On the whole, anyone with a burning ambition to teach English abroad in future can have a great experience studying this course with GLC. Any negatives? The course was quite demanding but with the support available you should be able to get by and achieve the necessary grades for you to get certified.

    Review by Mitman, October 25, 2011

    Learning with Global Leadership College was easy and enjoyable. I had always found making lesson plans to be a difficult task but when I took this TESOL course; I realized that it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, I can be a lot of fun. Now I have completed my TESOL certification and have been so happy with the conditions and satisfaction of my new job. I had struggled to learn at the pace of my other classmates before I started this course but found it very helpful that Global Leadership College allowed me to learn at my own speed. Also, if you have other things to attend to, you should now worry because they accept you to learn according to your own schedule. Just like me, many students who thought that they would take a lot of time before completing the course will be pleasantly surprised to find that they can earn their certification within a very short period of time. The mistakes you often make will be a thing of the past once you undertake this course. Thanks to Global Leadership College for the helpful course. The major issue is that individual teachers should be ready to organize for a way to make more money because the wages in some countries can be particularly little. Ranging for private teaching can be a way to earn decently if you want to teach in some distant countries.

    Review by Nadeem, November 9, 2011

    I’m happy I ignored some negative comments and did my TESOL course with Global Leadership College. Of course, the learners experience depends a lot on the instructor. Fortunately, I was able to get one who enjoyed teaching the course and emphasized on the need to enjoy the learning process as well. The new learning platform plus their teaching strategy can be a challenge to all students but they have nice instructors who have a lot of experience. My instructor gave me a lot that I find to be very helpful to date. The learning resources were also important too. Speed of content delivery can affect your learning process. However, GLC’s TESOL course is paced according your own capability.

    When a student is extremely dedicated to do the best, you’ll be able to avoid making common mistakes. In case you get too many correct answers, you are provided with extra material. But sometimes the TESOL questions can be somewhat unclear. You ether make use of your reasoning or else, you won’t be able to teach. If you fail to take the simple GLC course, then TESOL doesn’t suit you. In some cases, individuals don’t want to accept the reality so end up blaming their failure of the college or the people around them. But if you work hard, you should be able to get the coveted TESOL/TEFL certification. I would advise any teacher who knows what he or she wants to consider their TESOL course.

    Review by Samsun, December 8, 2011

    I had been teaching the English language for about eight years so I wanted to do something that would help me to progress with my career. That’s why I choose to study TESOL online with a leading institution. After making a few inquires and considering both positive and negative reviews from former students of Global Leadership College, I felt that was exactly what I needed to enhance my prospects of getting better jobs out of the country. I looked at their website and I was quite impressed. Even though this was my first time to study for any course online, I found it easy mainly because of the assistance of my personal instructor.
    The instructor spoke clearly and slowly so I could understand all his instructions. If you get a good instructor, I think you’ll be able to study the course very easily and get the TESOL qualification without any major problems at all. However, this may not be possible if you do not choose your college well. To be on the safe side, I would advise you to opt for Global Leadership College because they help you to overcome any learning difficulties that you might experience on the way. And because you are not supposed to adhere to any set program, you’ll understand all the concepts before you get to sit for the final certification test. As a professional teacher with the TESOL certification and finding it helpful in my life, I would easily recommend the GLC website to any person from across the globe. The only problem is during a test; you can find some ambiguous questions and start wishing your tutor was available to help you. It is therefore, important to develop a clear mindset and at times, try to work out things on your own. Thanks to the support of this college; I now have a well-paying job and I’m certainly happy I made the best choice.

    Review by P raman, December 16, 2011

    I took the TOSEL course approximately four years ago. I still maintain contact with the school to date. The lessons were totally detailed and even allowed me to study at a pace I could manage. I found the certification course extremely helpful in spite of the fact that I had several other qualifications that could land me a job. The only negative thing I can point out is that my instructor seemed to be very insensitive to my tasks. But I believed he was quite considerate so I didn’t take it too seriously. Well, it might hamper ones progress especially when he she is too relaxed. I would certainly recommend this program to teachers but be sure that prospective employers will recognize this certification. I bet it actually depends on whether or not an employer can hire someone founded on the quality of this course rather than the material content. In general, the course was quite involving but manageable.

    Review by Young boy, December 25, 2011

    Global Leadership College has a great website that allows you to scroll easily even though it can be a bit congested during the period approaching the exams because of many students trying to log in. However, that’s a minor issue considering the help you get from their highly experienced instructors. Also, I have been taught by many teachers and it’s hard to hide the fact that Ms Amanda was the best instructor I have ever had. The personalized tutorials as again, all my needs were tackled. The convenience of learning according to my own program was a pleasant experience. The course was also very well planned. There was q great conversation although the aspect of theory was a bit restricted but again that depends on your personal interests too. Also anyone who needs to know anything in detail can talk to them and they will be glad to help as much as possible.

    Review by Nisha, January 1, 2012

    At the start, I considered Global Leadership College for my TESOL studies simply because of the cost and flexibility of the learning process so I didn’t know the learning experience would be that great. I was pleasantly surprised by a few things including:
    1. How knowledgeable my instructor was
    2. How quickly I gained another certification to include on my CV
    3. The availability of good learning resources
    I would categorically recommend doing the TESOL certification program, particularly if you want to become a successful tutor in many other countries. Many employers require you to have the TESOL certification so it is a qualification you should get at all costs. Mine was a very practical and useful course that can improve one’s teaching skills. I frankly don’t have any major negative to thing write about regarding the GLC TESOL course as the personal tutors strive to tackle the concerns of students. If there are issues, they are just minor and won’t hinder you from attaining your certification.

    Review by Rops, January 15, 2012

    I had spent a number of hours look for a TESOL course online. My goal was to enhance my overall employability then I stumbled across the global leadership college website. It provided a lot of information on the courses available online as well as the employed teaching methods. I was keen on building my writing, reading, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.
    Often, I had been scolded over my inability to pronounce words correctly yet I had taught English for quite some time now. In reality, my students didn’t point out the issue directly to me, but I could see it from the fact that they were asking me to say something first a second time so I would explain even simple stuff over and over again. So, I was dying to take a course that would address my needs while enhancing my overall employability. I had a truly helpful tutor who gave me all the time I needed to learn various concepts.

    Review by Parinitya, January 16, 2012

    I only finished the course recently and I have to recommend it to others who are looking for a quality program for their TESOL studies. In other classes I had attended before this, I was always struggling to cope with the pace of other learners and teachers who were hard pressed to complete so much content within a restricted time period but here, I was glad I had an opportunity to study slowly but surely. In the end, I had very decent education due to the quality involved. Then again, the presence of a person instructor was very helpful to all learners as they could receive individualized assistance. I am not in a position to review about jobs since am trying to get my foot into the door and have not had a chance to teach outside my home country yet. But the course provided very useful information. In fact, after trying a lot of other advanced courses, I came to the conclusion that most of the approaches used were generally very much focused on theory and needless stuff. I’m more equipped to perform better in my teaching career after undergoing the program.

    Review by Bad Guy, February 19, 2012

    Rather than getting straight into entertainment spots after work, I decided to pursue the TESOL course online during my free time. After a few days considering different options, I settled for global leadership college and they gave me a study plan that was perfect for my life and lifestyle. This enabled me to study with great motivation to complete my studies successfully within a short period of time. Global Leadership College allowed me to study easily in a manner that I haven’t experienced before. Students have their designated tutors who ensure you learn according to your capability. Overall, I was happy with the format of the course because it was very flexible. Navigating through the site was relatively an easy experience though there have been few complaints about the online tests with the site being characteristically slow at times. However, I didn’t notice this myself. Probably you should have a look at it and see it yourself. Good luck.

    Review by Bakhum, March 27, 2012

    It is now five years since I completed the program. Previously, I was teaching in my home country. At times, I thought I was missing a lot of opportunities due to the lack of this certification in my CV. But now this works perfectly for me. For individuals still unconvinced, they need to note that it delivers great results. It doesn’t promise instant jobs but you’ll utilize the lessons wherever you go. For instance, I apply the lessons even today and also stay in touch with some of the learners. When that’s said and done, it doesn’t particularly play a major role in getting you a job. Of course, I didn’t list it as the top qualification I had when searching for a job although I have been exploiting the lessons I learnt all along. I was then able to teach for two years and no other teacher had the TESOL certification. I’m not sure whether or not it made a big difference. Perhaps that’s debatable.

    Review by Ricky, April 2, 2012

    I came across the global leadership site while searching for an English institution overseas course. The site was well designed and updated. The staff responded fast to my inquiries. It was the start though. I planned to undertake the TESOL certification course on the internet. I learnt that the course would be arranged to suit my otherwise busy schedule, which is something I really liked. There are a lot of skills I developed about the English language and how to teach and help your students to excel at various levels. My tutor was just awesome. Theoretical and practical aspects were taught well and my instructor was really patient, allowing me time to understand different concepts. However, some instructors can be particularly relaxed and you might be forced to think that they are being selfless. Given the chance, I would gladly recommend the college and course to all upcoming teachers. The college had a personalized learning feel, which explains why it is so popular. Despite that, if you are searching for good TESOL trainer with great instructors, global leadership college will certainly meet your needs.

    Review by Amrtar, April 6, 2012

    I completed the program in May and I have already secured a good job with many offers still coming my way. While I have a short teaching experience, there are many opportunities for those who fall in the same category to me. In case you want to undertake this course from wherever you are, be sure it is with global leadership college. They have an amazing program so I was originally surprised to find a few negative reviews. Well, there are some minor problems but this applies to any other training system out there. So it would just be appropriate to choose the one that suits your individual program as well as any other situations. Personally, I wasn’t disappointed in any way though but was certainly happy to undertake a program that was suited for me and that which had a personal instructor. I still maintain contact with her up to now.

    Review by Mathew, May 6, 2012

    I took the Global Leadership College course in 2008 and found it very helpful. The aspect of a personal instructor was truly great considering that you could learn at your own rate and whenever I had issues I would consult her straight away. I’m grateful for all the help she accorded me. I was able to learn more about the English language and teaching abroad.
    Bear in mind that the course prepares you to earn the certification to teach the English language and not that they are preparing you for a fully certified fulltime lecturer. Subsequently, that should play a major role in determining your decision because many people get disappointed to find that it is not what they were hoping for. I found the TESOL quizzes quite fine because all the material had been covered by completing them would be quite a hassle especially if you are unlucky and the their online site loads slowly. But overall, I had a nice learning experience with Global Leadership College.

    Review by Glory, May 22, 2012

    I am happy to be part of the Global Leadership College club. Certainly this site helped me a lot to improve my teaching job prospects. I was already teaching even before joining their course but I was able to gain a lot of experience, which I’m now replicating in my new job. I particularly cannot fail to point out the precious backing I received from my instructor as she spoke the language so well so I could understand the content so well. She did a lot to me and I think I owe her a debt of gratitude for all she did. Learning slowly is something I was looking for as I was busy taking care of my students at the time and I didn’t want to quit the job; I still needed to make some cash to sustain me. But you may find the website quite slow at times. However, that not a major problem for teachers with a real ambition to boost their careers. I cherish all the moments and will always guide someone to study the course.

    Review by David, May 23, 2012

    I studied this course sometimes in 2007 and enjoyed having a good instructor. She offered plenty of beginner tutorials and she taught me in a very practical manner. She was expounding her lessons in a detailed way and assisted me all the way. I now know how to handle a certain subject matter while teaching. The program tackled more than just how to plan your lessons. And teachers who find this aspect to be particularly difficult will learn that it can be fun as well. Probably other programs I had attended previously weren’t taught by such experienced instructors and it’s a shame I didn’t know that prior to this. Any bad reviews can have genuine concerns but for this, this course was excellent.

    Review by Simon, June 9, 2012

    I was a bit anxious to start the online learning platform for the first time with individuals from different parts of the world. I had many issues to sort out before beginning but Global Leadership College proved to be the best place for me as I didn’t need to give up everything I was doing so as to study. I could study at my own speed and time, which I found very convenient considering that I had a full time teaching job at the time. The reason I opted for global leadership college was because it was highly regarded and convenient in the online study program so there were no compulsory lessons I was supposed to attend.

    First of all, I did some research to find out what was expected of me and acquire a feel of what I had to do so as to pass the quizzes. When I gained a firm understanding of the program format and accepted to undergo the training the way it was. Assistance was available whenever it had thanks to the concept of personalized training. Also, I could access the materials that I needed online, which made it easy for me to complete the given tasks.

    The content of the course was relatively broad but I choose to approach every area in a manner that suited my needs. One issue I noticed is that some of the materials included in the course content are not particularly important and should have been omitted. But without a doubt, I would suggest the course to individuals who want to attain TESOL (TEFL) certification.

    I think there are two concepts that exist regarding improving academe: work experience and the levels of education attained. I experienced the two and hence my choice to take the TOSEL course was purely because of a personal desire for self-growth and fulfillment. I felt I had achieved something that could enable me to progress in my career.

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